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Ever wanted to make your own clay oven?  Join us for a 2 day Clay Oven Building Workshop with expert Saul Mosbacher.

A clay oven is any hollow, dome-shaped structure constructed out of clay, clay and sand or clay and straw, used for the purpose of baking and roasting food. They are a pretty and useful addition to any garden, but the most important reason for having a clay oven is for cooking.  From wood smoked pizza cooked at 450°C for 1 minute to loaves of hot bread cooked to perfection or a large joint of lamb or pork belly cooked slowly with herbs over night in the oven’s residual heat, the clay oven can be used for all sorts of dishes and always tastes great.

Building with clay is safe fun and very versatile, with creative potential as far as the imagination will stretch. Building a clay oven is a relatively quick way to get hands on experience of building cob, natural insulation and clay plasters, we will build an oven suitable for cooking bread and pizza and many other dishes over the 2 days.

Clay ovens are thousands of years old. The ancient Egyptians used clay ovens and examples have been unearthed in Roman Pompeii that would still work today if cleaned out and fired up. Ovens like these were built in communal areas and shared by families. By Medieval times, the ovens had become bigger and were used to bake bread for entire villages. Many Italian homes had wood-fired ovens inside up until the middle of the 20th century.

Saul has been Natural building for 20 years and has experience building with techniques including Cob ,Straw Bale, Wattle and Daub and timber frame, he has also built many ovens.

Join us Saturday and Sunday March 23rd and 24th from 10-5 each day to learn how to make yours!  Price includes all materials and lunch.  Bring wellies or good sturdy boots and be ready to get dirty!

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