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Corporate Events Galway

Work Socials & Activities

We are the ideal location for your corporate meeting, Corporate Events Galway, training courses, team building & leadership workshops and socials.

Integrating time for relaxation in your corporate meeting or event has a positive impact on productivity, staff morale and team spirit. Stay in our Eco House , The Three Towers and enjoy a relaxed evening before or after your event.

We have several menu options to suit a corporate event. These include a buffet lunch, BBQ and a Pizza Party.

A Pizza Party is a fun way to spend lunch time and will encourage people to mingle and communicate. The ingredients are prepared in our kitchen and then displayed for you to design your own pizza. It is then cooked in under a minute in our outdoor clay oven.

Combine your corporate event with something outdoors such as horse riding, Donkey Walking or even orienteering or archery.

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